Sports Fest Dec. 2nd

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Here’s everything you need to know about Sports Fest!


This year we will have our spectacular annual Carnival on the big field at Pinecrest Elementary School. It is an amazing day full of fun, games, rides, and more, and is also our school’s biggest fundraiser.  All proceeds go directly back to your child’s class, teacher, and school.  We welcome everyone, so please feel free to forward this email to family and friends.

Here’s a run-down of what to expect at Carnival. Please read over it so you get the most out of your experience:


There are two kinds of tickets: games/rides/food tickets, and redemption tickets. You can buy games/rides/food tickets at all morning drop offs and dismissals the week before Carnival until Friday December 1st. Pre-sale prices are .80 cents a ticket. At the Carnival, they will be $1. We take cash or checks payable to Pinecrest Elementary School PTA. At the carnival you will be able to buy with credit cards as well. You may also buy ride wristbands for $30 pre-sale and $35 day-of carnival. These bands allow you to go on unlimited rides. If you received them through Family Underwriting donations, they will be delivered to your child on Thursday November 30th. Please check backpacks!

Please see food, games, and ride prices below to get an idea of how many tickets you think your family will need and remember you save by buying early.

You do not buy redemption tickets. Redemption tickets are given at the classroom games booths at the end of the game. Kids can then use redemption tickets at the redemption table to buy prizes to take home. They will be a different color than the other tickets. For questions regarding tickets please contact


We have over 10 amazing food vendors, food trucks, and others this year. Here is a small list of some last year’s food, along with examples of food ticket costs:

Crepe maker Crepes – 5 tickets
Giardino’s Full wrap or salad – 7 tickets/Wrap or salad with combo – 8 tickets 
Kona Ice Kiddie- 3 tickets Regular- 4 tickets Kowabunga with cup- 6 tickets
Burgers & More Burgers-9 tickets /Hot Dog- 7 Tickets /Cheese Burgers- 10 Tickets
Power Pizza 1 Slice 2 tickets/ Whole Pizza Pie- 15 Tickets

** We also will be selling Water bottles for 2 tickets, Popcorn for 1 ticket, and Cotton Candy for 1 ticket. **

REMINDER: Food can be purchased only with tickets.


This year, Pinecrest Elementary School will GO GREEN and include a “Quench Buggy” hydration station, sponsored by Baptist Health South Florida. This will give all of our carnival visitors, volunteers, and staff members, fresh, clean, and FREE water throughout the day. This double-sided station is designed to accommodate 16 patrons at a time with filling spigots and push-button fountains. Pinecrest Elementary School is the first public school in Miami Dade County to provide a “Quench Buggy” for its carnival visitors and we believe that eliminating single-use plastic water bottles is a lesson which can be learned by all. Come join us!


We have over 15 favorite rides from the past, as well as some new rides for this year. If you do not have an unlimited ride wristband (see the section about Tickets), you can use tickets to go on them.


Games are always a big hit, enjoy old school Carnival games with your kids. Every classroom will be assigned to a game (or a food stand). Games are 1 ticket to play. At the end of the game, you receive redemption tickets to use at the Redemption table to turn in for prizes (toys, etc.) of various ticket levels.


The FAMILY UNDERWRITING CAMPAIGN is off to an amazing start!! In just 4 days last week, we already have over 10% school wide participation. Envelopes and letters were sent home last week but you can also print a copy by clicking here for the letter and here for envelope. Last year we raised over 50K from family donations and this year we would love to meet or beat that number. Every dollar raised goes to enrich your child’s education, so please help us reach our goal of 100% participation. Each class that has 100% participation (minimum $10/child) will be rewarded with a class party or may be one of the two lucky classes to win an awesome field trip to tour the UM basketball stadium and hall of fame and will have lunch with their class at Sports Grill! Two lucky teachers whose classes are the first to reach 100% will also be rewarded with special prizes, so please get your envelopes in as soon as possible. Envelopes can be turned in to your child’s teacher or can be placed in the collection box in the main office. The deadline is November 15th. Any questions please contact Amanda Tillman at

SILENT AUCTION Under our big tent we will have an auction with many items to bid on like VIP Parking spots, VIP Seats for Holiday Shows, etc. Our most popular items are those PARENT PARKING SPOTS!


At the carnival we will have an auction for our Classroom Baskets. The baskets will be on display at the carnival. Each class was assigned a theme for their basket. Be prepared to see some AMAZING baskets. Remember, if you sign up for an auction, it is binding, so only bid if you know you really want it! Please contact your Room Parent if you need more info.

The auction closes near the end of carnival (which ends at 4:00) and payment is due at the end of carnival (we accept cash, check or credit card). You must also take the basket home at the end of carnival. We will have text alerts if you get outbid.


Coming back due to its amazing success, is Art Auction! Students with the help of some amazing parents created some really cool art, and everybody will get a chance to see it all and better yet bid for it! Please come and check it out, there will be a huge tent where everything be on display. Cards, Checks and Cash welcome. Don’t get outbid by the other parents in the class! Please contact your Room Parent for more info.


You can pre-order shirts, they will be delivered Thursday, November 30th to your child’s class, please check their backpacks. If you need to swap a size, or are interested in buying a shirt for $15, they will be on sale the week of Carnival outside the Main Office. We take cash or checks payable to Pinecrest Elementary School PTA. Shirts will also be available for sale at the carnival. They are not required to be worn at carnival but we recommend them to show your school spirit! They can be worn on Friday, December 1st, and all school year on Wednesdays. If you have questions regarding T-shirts please email For the T-Shirt Form please click here.


We are always looking for student volunteers from middle and high schools to help out at carnival. They do receive community service hours. If your child has signed up, please have them report to the Volunteer tent at their time slot to receive their volunteer sticker and food vouchers. Note there is a 3-hour minimum. For more information, email


Parking will be limited so if you live close, we suggest you walk or ride bikes. If you do drive, we will have the smaller field open with people to help direct cars. If the lot gets full, you can park at Pinecrest Gardens and walk to school.

It is going to be an amazing day! The students are so excited they can’t wait so see your there! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers who make this day possible, and all of the generous families who help us create an amazing fundraiser with Family Underwriting. Thank you also to all of the students who have turned in wonderful posters.

#SeeyouonDecember2nd! #NoRainjustshine! #Itsallforthekids! #Whatanawesomeschoolwehave!

Your Carnival Co-Chairs,

Michelle von der Goltz & Liz Albelo /



Market Your Business @ Pinecrest Elementary School Carnival

If you own a business or work for a business, PES needs your support. Support Pinecrest Elementary School and market your business to 1000+ students, their families and the community at Carnival.  It’s because of businesses that we have been able to support academic and physical education programs for our students.   Our top goal is increase the number of laptops per classroom.

All corporate sponsors receive recognition in school flyers and school communication, a personalized promo on our facebook page, on our Carnival sponsorship banner which hangs on the school fence (located on 104th Street or 57th Avenue), and at Carnival on your sponsored ride.   The top sponsors also receive recognition on over 1000+ printed t-shirts.  

Please review the attached list of tax deductible SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS.   Please note:  Because the details of the day are still being worked on, it’s possible that some of the rides/activities listed will change.  We will make sure that you receive an equal or greater placement. 

In keeping with our theme of SportsFest we have JUST added a NEW sponsorship opportunity!

Our PE Shelter is going to be used to hold sports clinics!  This type of interactive sponsorship has never been done before and we are super excited to add this activity into the mix for our students and parents.  There is limited availability because we will only have one business per 1 hour time slot.  It will be a fun and busy hour for the sponsor!  The investment level is $1000 and it’s tax-deductible.

Here are the details: 

  • You get 1 hour of PE Shelter time
  • You run 3 clinics within the hour
  • Max of 25 participants per clinic (unless you can handle more, just let us know)
  • Sign-ups will be in advance

Here’s what you get:

  • Business promotion prior to carnival to fill the classes.
  • A table under the PE shelter for use during YOUR hour – to display any promotional materials, collect contact information of interested parties
  • A shared table on the field during the entire carnival for you promote your business
  • Inclusion on our Corporate Sponsorship Banner which will hang on prominently our school fence for 90 days after carnival.
  • A shot-out on the Pinecrest PTA Facebook page promoting your business


Aleesa Adams and Christine Jurado

Carnival Corporate Underwriting Chairs