Want to Volunteer?

To volunteer for any school related activity, you must complete the steps below:

Step 1:

Log into the MDCPS Parent Portal with your parent number and password (if you do not know your parent number – visit the Main Office and ask for your parent number)

Step 2: 

Click “Apps/Services/Sites” in the upper left hand corner

Step 3: 

Click “Be a School Volunteer”

Step 4:  

After reading the policies and guidelines, click “Acknowledge and Accept”

Step 5: 

Select ” 4421 Pinecrest Elementary school”

Step 6: 

Most volunteers will be Level 1 – click on the box beside the activity that applies to what you will be volunteering for

Step 7: 

Click “Submit.”  You will notice a box at the bottom of the page that says your application is being processed.  Click “Close” in the upper left hand corner.

Step 8:  

Once you have completed Step 7, visit the Main Office and tell them you have completed the volunteer registration online and show them your picture ID.

Congrats!  You can now volunteer at school activities.  Take a look at the committee descriptions below and if there is one that interests you, reach out to the committee chair and let them know you would like to help!


Volunteer Committees


ESSAC Liaison
Get the scoop first! ESSAC is a committee made up of Pinecrest’s Administration, classroom teachers, parents, and local business members. The purpose of the group is to review and create our school’s goals and achievements. Meetings occur after school on Wednesdays, about once a month or every two months. 1-2 parents will be needed for the school year. This is a very important and worthwhile opportunity.

Macarena Jones


Love baking? Like to host? Or, not bake at all and run to the food store before a meeting? This committee coordinates the refreshments for our teacher events, PTA meetings, welcome-back coffees and other events throughout the year. It’s a very needed and appreciated job! Time commitment varies depending on the level you’d like to help.

Eliana Couch


Christine Jenkins


Legislative Representative
This is one of the most important (not time-intensive) jobs in the PTA. Pinecrest Elementary is looking for parents who can report back to the PTA Legislative Chair and assist with informing our school community about important educational legislation, on the local, state, and national levels. This is a great position for someone who is interested in politics. Although the PTA is non-partisan, it is important for our members to be aware of current legislation that involves children. Responsibilities include occasionally giving brief updates at general meetings. There are newsletters and web sites that provide updates that would be easy to summarize. Great for working parents!

Christine Jurado


The membership committee is responsible for the Pinecrest PTA membership drive.  Preparation for the membership campaign starts during the summer and runs throughout the year.  The committee monitors the monies collected and distributes membership cards.

Rebecca Rigual


Teacher Mini Grants

Elyssa Lewis


Andrea Carneiro


Parent Tours
Do you like to talk? Volunteers for this position will be available once a month (see below schedule) to provide tours of our school and answer questions for prospective new families. The tours begin at 8:45am and depart from the front office. Training by the school Administration will be provided. This position can be a shared Volunteer assignment – max 4 people

Elyssa Lewis 


Cara Althuis 


Jing Liang


Room Parent Coordinator
The Room Parent Coordinator is responsible for keeping the room parents informed of events that require their attention.

Christine Jurado


Margarita Garcia Fanta


Aleesa Adams


School Pictures
Volunteers are needed during the day to help the photographer with an orderly flow of students and assist office staff in processing orders and payments.

Jill Olster


Leslie Matus


Staff Appreciation Week
Help show our appreciation for Pinecrest teachers and staff. This committee will coordinate Staff Appreciation week in May. Volunteers will be needed to assist with special events, activities, and gifts. This is a great way to show our teachers and staff how much we care!

Rebecca Rotalante


School Directory
A few volunteers are needed to work from home to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheets will be used to print our school Directory. This is strictly a data-entry job that can be done in your house at your convenience. The only requirement is that you have Excel. Depending on the amount of volunteers, the job should take no more than 5-10 hours, spread out over a few weeks. Great for working parents who want to help!

Ana Flora



Birthday Book Club
One of the best programs at Pinecrest is our Birthday Book Club! In lieu of a classroom birthday celebration, a student’s birthday can be celebrated by purchasing a book for the library. Donated books will have a donation sticker with the student’s name, and the student also gets recognized on TV announcements. Volunteers are needed to send out applications, process applications, etc. The time commitment is a few hours a month for the year.

Ceci Curbelo


Book Fair
This committee will coordinate and oversee a quality book fair experience with Scholastic Books. Volunteers are needed to help set up, sell, restock, and tear down the book displays. Early morning and evening hours will also be available for working parents who wish to volunteer. This event is a great fundraiser, plus the students enjoy shopping for, and buying books. This is a great experience and a lot of help is needed. Please sign up- no experience necessary!

Manuela Villaca


Leonor Lacayo


Marika Lynch


Paula Bierrenbach


Box Tops
You’d be surprised at how much money our school receives from collected Box Tops. A few volunteers are needed to help our Box Top Chair collect Box Tops throughout the year, and also help with advertising. Make a difference and sign up today!

Cindy Moriarity


Brick Campaign
Help to coordinate our Pave the Way to our Future Brick Campaign.  Collect forms and process orders for bricks that will be placed in the pathway at the Butterfly Garden outside the Media Center.

Ceci Curbelo



This committee will help with as needed support of professional staff, money counting, day of run assistance for Boosterthon.


Paula Bierrenbach


Yalis Casanova


This event is one of our children’s favorite fundraisers, and our most successful. It is a family day of rides, games, prize drawings, food, auctions and activities. It involves a multitude of parents contributing their time and talents. The numerous subcommittees need help in a variety of areas. Everyone can make a contribution to Fun Fest in one form or another. If you enjoy special events planning, fundraising, organizing silent auctions, decorating, public relations, ticket sales, etc. this is a great event and a terrific opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people! Signup to be part of one of our fantastic committees:

Marines Prera


Rebecca Rotalante


School Store
This committee enjoys watching our little Pinecrest shoppers decide how to spend their money on the best school supplies. Volunteers are needed to staff the store every morning from 7:50am to 8:30 a.m. Many helpers are needed for this heartwarming endeavor. With enough volunteers, commitments are typically 2- 4 days per month.

Davenie Faber



Art Appreciation
Picasso! Monet! Jackson Pollock! Da Vinci! Van Gogh! Want to know more? The best way to learn is by teaching… in this enlightening and rewarding program, volunteers provide students with an awareness and appreciation of various artists and types of art. NO PREVIOUS ART HISTORY KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED! All materials, scripts, mounted prints and biographical information is provided.

Lindsey Katz


Olivia Eslami-Cajigas 


Fairchild Challenge
The mission of the Fairchild Challenge is to inspire young people to engage in civic life and encourage them to become energetic and knowledgeable members of their communities. We are looking for Fairchild Challenge Volunteers needed for the Garden/Healthy Food Initiative – if anyone is in the nutritionist field or just wants to help – we could use some help setting up a garden to plate program.

Lisa Mainka


Career Day
Career Day is an all-day enrichment program in which individuals and groups representing various careers come to the school and share their talents, expertise and experience with the children. Committee members are needed to solicit appropriate groups and individuals, schedule presenters, and provide materials and refreshments the day of the event. Coordination begins in January, and is done in cooperation with the school counselor. It’s a great event enjoyed equally by parents and students!

Jennifer McCafferty


Kim Martinez-Lejarza


Club Registration 
Help with Pinecrest’s wonderful after school Clubs program! 2-3 Volunteers are needed to help the Clubs’ Chair organize and collect Club registration fees for two separate weeks. Money collection takes place in the morning, before school starts, and then it needs to be processed. In all, it is 1-2 hours in the morning for each week. Volunteers need to commit for the entire week (or weeks) please.

Margarita Garcia


Antonella Lagomarsino


Family Crisis
This committee assists Pinecrest families by offering appropriate support in times of need. Due to the confidential nature of this committee, the chairperson will call for help as needed.

Ms. Teresa Vega 


Field Day
Some of the best days of the year! Volunteers are needed for various Field Day(s) to help the PE coaches set-up and organize the events.

Jenny Austin 


Green Committee
Interested in GREEN and ENVIRONMENTAL issues? Want to make a big difference?! Green and environmental efforts are one of our PTA’s main goals for the year. Volunteers will help plan and execute various projects.

Lisa Mainka


Samantha Durso


Gardening Committee
Have a green thumb? Help maintain the various gardens in Pinecrest Elementary throughout the year, including the Butterfly Garden, the Red Ribbon Garden, and the Kindergarten vegetable gardens. Projects and time commitments will vary throughout the year.

Michelle Von der Goltz


Listeners Program
The Listen to Children program is co-sponsored by Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the Mental Health Association. Volunteers must attend one training session. The purpose of the Listeners program is to help children who are identified by the teacher or guidance counselor as needing extra attention from an adult. Volunteers spend 30 minutes a week with a student, listening and providing attention in a caring, nonjudgmental way.

Andrea Loeb


Red Ribbon Week
The primary responsibility of this committee is to work with the school counselor to coordinate activities for Red Ribbon Week (also known as “Say NO to Drugs Week”). Volunteers will help decorate the school to raise awareness and arrange for speakers and presentations for the various grade levels. We will also provide fun, related activities for students.

Ms. Teresa Vega


Safety Committee
Safety is paramount! This committee addresses health and safety issues that affect our school – most notably traffic and parking. As in the past, the committee is providing carpool assistance on 57th Avenue, SW 102 Street and 104 Street to help keep the traffic moving. Volunteers are needed during arrival from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. and dismissal from 1:45 -2:15 / 2:20 – 3:10 pm. to assist children out of their cars. With enough volunteers, each person will only need to work one morning or afternoon a week. A special perk: volunteers get to wear a psychedelic yellow mesh vest while they’re on the job! *** Dads, this is a great way for you to help out too!

Mara Tatiana Muchenik Cenatatiana


Eugenia Sanchez


Ana Heisecke 


The Wellness Committee’s goal is to provide healthier living alternatives by providing programs that promote healthier food options, increased physical activity and awareness about nutrition, overall health and well being for students, parents and staff. We welcome ideas and suggestions for supporting healthier lifestyles and have varied volunteer opportunities.

Samantha Durso 



Bulletin Boards
Are you creative and want to stay connected with school news and events? This committee will enjoy putting their artistic abilities to use to create “eye-catching” bulletin boards to inform students and parents of important upcoming news and events. Volunteers are needed to update the boards two weeks before each event. There are many school events throughout the year including, Fun-Fest, Movie Night, Italian Night and our School Book Fair.

Erica Pacey


e-Newsletter Special Submissions

Andrea Carneiro


Public Relations
The PR committee notifies appropriate local media and publications regarding announcements and events related to Pinecrest Elementary.

Liz Amore


PTA Website
The Chair of the website will work closely with the PTA and faculty at Pinecrest to keep the PTA website updated in a clear, user- friendly manner. Computer skills are a must and the willingness to keep the website updated throughout the year.

Jaysri Castro


Memory Book
Students LOVE their Memory Books! A small, dedicated staff of volunteers, under the guidance of the Chairperson, is needed to schedule classes, faculty, school clubs, events, and organizational pictures with the photography company, as well as chronicle the year in pictures and assemble the yearbook for the printer. Volunteers will be needed to organize advance sales, sell, and distribute yearbooks towards the end of the school year. Photographers wanted as well!

Sherry Zhang


Darlly Modia


Pinecrest PTA Communication Emails

Manage PTA and school information that is distributed electronically 2x per week to the Pinecrest Elementary community. Volunteer should be comfortable with computers.


Macarena Jones


Maritza Castro