School Store

What you can purchase when you visit the school store:
Inside you will find everything from pop-eyed pets, pens, pencils, smelly erasers, sharpeners, headphones, water bottles, bows, lanyards, notebooks and folders as well as our school uniforms!  The school store has all the supplies your child will need for a great day at school.

The store accepts either (i) cash or (ii) checks for amounts greater than $30.  Please be aware that any overdraft charges as a result of bounced checks will be charged to the parent.  

Checks should be made payable to:  PINECREST ELEMENTARY PTA

The little red house is located along Unity Way behind the kindergarten playground in the back of the school.

Monday – Friday from  8am-8:30am

If you have any questions or need more information, contact our school store manager, Davenie Faber at  Happy Shopping and thank you for supporting Pinecrest Elementary PTA! 

Visit Us Online!

Online you can order our larger school items (i.e., uniforms, water bottles, hats) and pay by credit card.  After making a purchase online, you will be able to pick up your merchandise the next school day at the school store.  

If you would like for your child to pick up the order,  please make sure to use your child’s name when ordering and they will be allowed to pick up the order. 

Please make sure to bring an extra bag if the order is large

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